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Ramesh Iyengar invited to judge at Loerie Awards, 2007

Iyengar, currently managing director, Select Direct Group, had also judged at the Cannes Festival in the Direct Lions jury, a few years ago

Ramesh Iyengar, managing director, Select Direct Group, has been invited to judge at the Loerie Awards 2007, in the experiential category. These awards are known for fostering creative excellence. Iyengar has previously been a jury member at Cannes Direct, in 2004.

Loerie’s judging process is scheduled to take place from July 2-6, 2007. Iyengar will also make a presentation on ‘Creativity’, which is also the theme of the awards this year. In addition, Iyengar will also touch upon the progress which the Indian direct marketing industry has made in the past couple of years.

The Loerie Awards were first held in 1978, as a mechanism to support and grow television advertising. Since then the awards have expanded to encompass every area of brand communication including radio and print advertising, design, architecture, direct marketing, non-broadcast video, live events, and digital media. The awards are now regionally focused on Africa and West Asia, and entries from outside of this region are not eligible. In a way, Iyengar hopes to correct that by speaking to his fellow jurors there as well as the concerned authorities on allowing other nations such as India to participate in the Loeries.

Ramesh Iyengar invited to judge at Loerie Awards, 2007
Ramesh Iyengar
For the record, Loeries has, over the years, tried to be far more than a single awards ceremony – since 2005 it has grown to incorporate activities throughout the calendar year, including a biannual magazine, and the hard-cover printed annual and DVD of the year’s leading brands and agencies. In its first year, the new annual has become a reference amongst marketers and agencies, and includes an index by brand, agency and individual credits.

Additionally, the Traveling Exhibition was launched at the Design Indaba in 2006. The exhibition showcases the year’s winning work and has traveled throughout South Africa. In 2007 the exhibition will travel internationally, including Namibia and New York.

The Loerie Awards is a non-profit organisation serving the best interests of the industry; all funding goes back into the industry to be put towards promoting the industry and nurturing potential creatives, especially in disadvantaged communities. The Loerie Awards is the only award endorsed by the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), the Creative Circle (CC), the South African Graphic Design Council (Think), the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and the Communication & Advertising Forum for Empowerment (Café).

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