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Mudra team wins the Melting Pot 2007 contest

The members of the Mudra team include Mukund Olety (copywriter), Paul Philip (client servicing), Royce George (media planning) and Sainath P (art director)

The Melting Pot contest, which was organised by The Ad Club of Bangalore along with the Big Bang Awards 2007, was won by Mudra Communications, Bangalore. According to the brief given, the participating agencies were supposed to come up with an idea that communicated ‘Bengaluru’ as the official name of Bangalore. The idea had to be cracked in exactly 24 hours using a mix of print, outdoor advertising and television commercials.

The Mudra team had Mukund Olety (copywriter), Paul Philip (client servicing), Royce George (media planning), Sainath P (art director) and Leon Nazareth as its members.

Mudra team wins the Melting Pot 2007 contest
Standing from left: Royce George,
Paul Philip, Mukund Olety & Sainath P G
The Mudra team explains that the name ‘Bengaluru’ originated from the term Benda Kaal Ooru, where Benda Kaal is boiled beans and Ooru means city. Putting it together, it becomes City of Boiled Beans. While the new name has an old-world association, it also throws light on the city’s traditions.

The Mudra team came up with the punch line ‘Bengaluru – The City Goes Uuuh’. Otley, who was copywriter on the assignment, elucidates that ‘Uuuh’ (pronounced as Oooh) is a para-lingual term and was chosen to rhyme with ‘uru’ of Bengaluru. It basically connotes liveliness, excitement, jubilation and the cosmopolitan nature of Bangalore city.

The print and outdoor campaign created by the Mudra team showed vibrant faces of people with their mouths rolled up, saying ‘Uuuh’. The TVC started with the well known Wild West tune from the Hollywood movie ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. While the tune is still playing, the TVC shows a guy coming across two girls at Lal Baug in Bangalore. The girls, wanting to know the guy, ask him a question, “Where are you from?” The guy replies: “Bengaluru”. The girls are quick to repeat after him in a sizzling tone, “Uuuh”.

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