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Rupa ropes in Hrithik Roshan for their brand ‘fit’

Hrithik Roshan is brand ambassador for Rupa’s new line of innerwear called MacroMan M series

Leading hosiery brand Rupa has roped in Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador for its MacroMan M series. “The style icon status of Hrithik made him the right choice for the MacroMan M series,” says Vikash Agarwala, brand director, Rupa.

He continues, “We are projecting this series towards the youth, who are more fashionable and demand a lot more.” The brand is aimed at the 40 per cent male youth community in the country.

Rupa ropes in Hrithik Roshan for their brand ‘fit’
Brand ambassador - Hrithik Roshan
Moving from its earlier ‘Yeh Aaram Ka Mamla Hai’ idea, the MacroMan M series calls itself ‘Excitingly Male’. ‘Yeh Aaram Ka Mamla Hai’ will continue to remain its positioning line for the basic Frontline range. The creative for this series has been prepared by a Mumbai based agency, Carving Dreams. A TVC has been launched last month. Rupa intends to do an area-wise launch. Hoardings and print media will support each area launch.

Hrithik Roshan says about being named brand ambassador for MacroMan M, “I identify with the brand as it is everything that I am.” Roshan went on to say that the letter M signifies macho, mischievous and male.

Sources within the organisation have confirmed that Roshan has signed a two-year contract with Rupa.

The brand has a market share of about 14 per cent, though VIP remains the leader with a market share of 20 per cent. Rupa has been a part of the hosiery industry since 1987. Its earlier brand ambassadors have been film stars Govinda, Salman (Frontline range), Saif Ali Khan (Bruno), Aishwarya Rai (Softline range) and Lisa Ray (Bruno for Her).

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