Rachit Vats

Fastrack has no need for hands

Fastrack has launched a campaign for its recently launched Neon Disc range of watches. The TV campaign talks about the range’s ‘no hands’ feature

Fastrack has launched the Neon Disk range of watches. The launch of the collection is supported by a TV campaign talking about the range’s ‘no hands’ feature.

The Neon Disk range of wrist gear draws inspiration from night clubbing and discotheques. Lowe has created a campaign that is an extension of Fastrack’s earlier Neon TVC, wherein the wrist is made to seem like a woman’s waist. The ‘No Hands” TVC creates a similar imagery, but it actually uses a woman’s waist to drive home the point. Needless to add, the communication is strictly the Fastrack way of telling tales.

Fastrack has no need for hands
The hand that moves...
Fastrack has no need for hands
...and then it's stopped
Fastrack has no need for hands
On a 'Fastrack'
The 15-second TVC shows a girl and her boyfriend swinging to music playing in the background. The camera captures only the girl’s waist. The guy is shown making a move with his hands and being instantly punished by the girl. The voiceover chips in and introduces the Neon Disc range of watches.

Rajesh Ramaswamy, creative director, Lowe, says, “This is a new kind of watch which carries a pair of neon discs on the dial. The presentation is strictly of the Fastrack kind, which means it has elements of naughtiness, irreverence, and is not at all serious. Time was a factor as the budget was not too high. In 15 seconds, we had to aim, shoot and kill.”

Ashish Athawle, vice-president, client servicing, says, "'How many you have' is the brand line used for Fastrack watches. This new range required a communication which talks more about the product and yet has a Fastrack feel attached to it.”

The commercial compares a Neon Disc watch, which needs no hands, with other situations which could also do without hands. Instead of regular hands, the Neon Disc range has has two concentric aluminium discs representing the hour and the minute; the time is shown with the help of markers cut out on the discs. Time telling is aided with a neon electro-luminescent sheet that lights up through the cutouts on the push of a button. The collection has more than 20 styles and the price ranges from Rs 1,195 to Rs 2,195.