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VGC clarifies stand on mass exit of staff

An official communiqué by the agency justifies the exodus as routine in the industry

Vyas Giannetti Creative (VGC) has witnessed a mass exodus of employees from both its Delhi and Mumbai offices in the past few weeks. Clarifying the agency’s stand on the issue, an official spokesperson of the agency says in a communiqué, “People movement is an industry issue and not unique to VGC. This is bound to happen in the extraordinary growth phase we are in. This year, VGC has crossed billings of Rs 200 crore, which is amazing for an independent creative agency. We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, and we will keep you abreast of those in due time.”

VGC clarifies stand on mass exit of staff
Preeti Vyas Gianetti
When afaqs! contacted Preeti Vyas Gianetti, founder and chairperson, VGC, she refused to divulge anything more than the official statement.

A few days ago, afaqs! reported that chief operating officer Anjan Roy, national creative director Nandu Narasimhan and vice-president and Delhi branch head Ranjeev Vij had put in their papers. Branch head Sandy Pinto, strategic planner director Saumya Chattopadhyay and executive creative director Hanoz Mogrelia quit the agency in Mumbai.

Sources pointed their finger at VGC’s top management, saying that things did not work out as it had promised they would. Rumours abounded that VGC was selling stake, which may also have prompted the staffers to leave.

VGC began its operations in 1997.

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