Neha Kalra

Law & Kenneth corners Kelvinator and Sansui

Put together, the two accounts add up to about Rs 40 crore

Law & Kenneth has more than made up for the Skoda biz, which it recently lost to Saints & Warriors. The Delhi branch of the agency has reason to rejoice, as it has won two accounts -- Kelvinator and Sansui - together worth about Rs 40 crore.

The agency has won the accounts following a multi-agency pitch, which involved other agencies such as Fortune Communications and Pickle Advertising. Saatchi & Saatchi is the incumbent.

Law & Kenneth corners Kelvinator and Sansui
"It was actually a 'Eureka' moment for us, when we presented the creatives and the client said, 'This is it'," says Varinder Shah Kant, senior vice-president, Law and Kenneth.

Kelvinator, a popular refrigerator brand, which is also present in washers, air conditioners and microwave ovens, is looking at a brand refurbishment. Its current market share is 3 per cent in refrigerators, 3 per cent in washers, 6 per cent in air conditioners and 1 per cent in microwaves.

For Kelvinator, 80 per cent of sales come from low-end, direct-cool and semi-automatic washers, which are declining "traditional" technologies. The market leaders are LG, Whirlpool, Godrej and Samsung, which have, between them, captured up to 80 per cent market share.

Sansui, a consumer electronics brand designed for Indian tastes, is also considering a revamp.

Sansui is present in LCDs, ultra-slim TVs, Flat TVs, conventional TVs, DVD players and home theatre systems. The current market share is 6.8 per cent in conventional televisions. Seventy per cent of Sansui's sales come from flat conventional TVs, which are declining "traditional" technologies.

There is a clear need to reposition the brand in the mass premium market - mainly in LCD and ultraslim TVs, which are considered "modern" technologies. The market leaders in this space are Samsung and LG.

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