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Titan's well-lit communication

Titan's new watch range, called HTSE (High Tech Self Energised), features watches that can be charged by any light source, highlighted in a commercial featuring Titan ambassador Aamir Khan.

Titan is out with a new watch range called the HTSE (High Tech Self Energised), and is positioning it as the watch that can be charged by any light source, be it direct or diffused sunlight, indoor lighting, or even by candle light. The idea is to woo the target group with the superior technology, which lends the watch its unique feature.

Titan's well-lit communication
According to Ajoy Chawla, vice-president, Titan, the target group (TG) for this segment will be those aged 20-30 years, chiefly males, who are excited by tech gizmos, and see watches as a fashion or style statement -- the 'flaunters', so to speak. The 'self energised' aspect of the watch is being juxtaposed with the TG's psychographics -- these are people who are self-driven, ambitious and motivated to achieve things in life.

The commercial created by Ogilvy India and produced by Footcandles, has Titan's brand endorser, actor Aamir Khan, in a new avatar. A representative of the target group himself, Khan plays the role of a man who is 'on to something' that no one else knows -- a secret project of sorts.

Titan's well-lit communication
One sees him capturing light from the various places he visits. He captures it in a bottle (be it from a lamp at a party, or even his wife's mobile phone light), only to 'pour' the light into a box containing his HTSE watch, symbolising his invention -- a watch that runs on light. The punch line 'Runs on Light' completes the ad.

"We briefed Ogilvy to come up with communication that plays around with the concept of light in some form, to appeal to the contemporary youth," says Chawla. One had to be careful not to intimidate consumers with too many features and technical details. The point is to create intrigue and interest to induce trials at the store level.

Apart from television, print and outdoor, online and on-ground activities are also being leveraged. In the digital medium, apart from the regular banner advertising, contests on social media and a microsite have been created to engage the youth and get them to sample the watch.

Direct mailers are being sent to Titan Signet Club members -- which is Titan's loyalty programme comprising 1.5 million active members who are frequent shoppers. Of these, those aged 35 years or below will be targeted specifically, with mailers for engagement. Furthermore, loyalty programme databases of retail partners such as Shoppers Stop will also be leveraged.

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