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Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior

After the launch campaign for its 3G services, Reliance Communications now boasts of the service being better than the rest through communication that is straightforward and based on user experience.

Whether you have it or not, 3G is what everyone is talking about around mobile telephony. Service providers are busy pushing the service on their platform and communicating it loud. Speed is the buzzword, with the internet shrunk on your mobile screen and the world at the tip of your fingers.

Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Reliance Communications has launched the next leg of its 3G campaign after the launch communication, earlier this year. The focus is on its superior service, the communication based on user experience, the messaging simple.

Designed by creative partner, Grey India, two new television commercials have been launched that visibly demonstrate how Reliance 3G is distinguished and superior as compared to other 3G offerings in the market.

The films talk about two products -- crystal clear video calls and uninterrupted videos on phone. Each film, in a very matter-of-fact way, demonstrates that the experience on Reliance 3G is better through Reliance 3G's superior IP Network, whether it is video calls without pixilation, or video streaming without buffer time.

The films have been directed by Prashant Issar of Tubelight Films.

The campaign is a follow-up to the short blast done during the recent ICC World Cup 2011, when Reliance 3G was launched with the thought -- Mix Your Worlds. After having introduced the product and benefit earlier, Grey sliced things further, talking about the problems a consumer faces and taking it heads on.

Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Talking to afaqs!, Shivani Suri, head, brand and marketing, Reliance 3G, says, "We are at a stage where the whole industry is talking about 3G. We are certainly not the first to launch 3G, but we are the one who got it right with our superior network and wider coverage. We want to communicate the same through this campaign. With this campaign we demonstrate the difference the consumer will experience with Reliance 3G as compared to other players."

Malvika Mehra, national creative director, Grey India, says, "We chose the path of demonstrations. It is a very clean, simple and effective way to show superiority. There is so much of tech jargon surrounding communication for 3G these days, this is a simple way to put the benefit upfront to the consumer."

Mehra further adds, "The communication had to be engaging and effective. With both TVCs, I personally think we have achieved that. I have silently watched reactions of friends and family as they watch these films and believe me, all of them subconsciously reach for the remote thinking there is something wrong with the left side of their television sets."

Rohit Malkani and Karan Rawat, executive creative directors and heads, Grey Mumbai, add, "The films are a breath of fresh air in a category that is increasingly getting cluttered with layered communication. This set of films has been shot in a graphic and simple manner. The films are warm and endearing and make the point succinctly and simply so that even a six-year-old can understand it."

According to Suri, what works for the films is the fact that they are based on user experience, with single-minded focus to deal with problems that the internet community and the target group face every day.

The campaign also talks about mobile number portability, with the films ending with the message to switch over to Reliance for better experience.

"We realise that we are not going to get new users directly on 3G. It will be those who decide to upgrade, or users of other networks," explains Suri.

The television campaign is being supported by outdoor, large-scale digital activities, point-of-sale and BTL (below the line) promotions. It is learnt that there are more films in the pipeline.

The media mandate is handled by MEC.

Superior thoughts

The films have been appreciated for the simplicity of thought and the no-nonsense messaging. The idea of demonstration, in particular, has met with a nod of approval.

Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Reliance 3G: Simple, straightforward, superior
Rajesh Sharma, planning head, Mumbai, TBWA India, is all for the idea and execution. He echoes views held by the advertiser and the agency who say that unlike most players, the brand here is making an effort to give a reason for consumers to switch to 3G, and not just announce its arrival.

According to Sharma, there has been a lot of communication on 3G, and it seems that all the players have hurriedly jumped on the bandwagon without ensuring proper mechanism of delivering the benefits they talk about.

"A lot of us have experienced 3G without being too impressed by it. Consumers today do not want to know that yet another brand has 3G. What they want to know is whether it can really deliver on what is promised. And, it is in this context that the communication works. It goes a step ahead and gives you a compelling reason to switch," says Sharma.

He adds that buffering and pixilation are constant irritants that everyone suffers from, and that in itself contributes to the ads' recall. Sharma though thinks that the execution of the films could have been better.

Raghu Bhat, founder director, Scarecrow Communications is a bit more critical when he says that the campaign is not high impact and lacks a real twist.

"They are simple spots. A bit linear, I thought. The message is clear. But, it is not a high-impact campaign. It shows a comparison between 3G networks, but lacks a real twist. I think it is hard to convince someone that my 3G is better than yours based on a rational demonstration. In a product parity scenario, the only option is to charm your way into the consumer's heart, using the weapons of creativity and wit," says Bhat.

Bhat finds the singer film (video streaming) to be better as he finds some disruption in the middle of the film.

"The ad (singer) could have better by going in for a fresh track rather than a known song, as it adds to the deja vu. In the girl spot, I would edit the celebration of the girl as it can be slightly jarring during repeat viewings," Bhat observes.

"Overall, the spots will also be recalled, but may not convince people as they do not build an emotional connect," he adds.

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