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Katrina Kaif to endorse Wrigley's Doublemint

The concept of freshness will be at the core of the new campaign.

Wrigley India has signed Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador for Wrigley's Doublemint chewing gum. With the association, the brand aims to portray an image of fresh blend of spirit, success and attitude.

Katrina Kaif to endorse Wrigley's Doublemint
The concept of 'Freshness giving you an edge' is at the crux of the entire communication strategy for the new Doublemint campaign.

The creative agency for Doublemint is BBDO India, while the media mandate lies with Mediacom Communications.

The company release states, "Doublemint has always stood for its characteristic breath freshness capabilities and is the popular choice of youth, for whom being 'fresh' means the ability to build confidence, inspire situations and win people. Kaif's dynamic character, combined with Doublemint's inherent product strengths as young, cool and fun, is poised to create a unique differentiator in not just the category, but also in the market."

A spokesperson from Wrigley India, in conversation with afaqs!, says, "Our focus will be on developing both Orbit and Doublemint brands. We remain dedicated in our efforts in building both these brands in India and bringing them closer to the large cross section of the population."

Both Doublemint and Orbit belong to the same group, but have not really been able to share equal amount of limelight in India. Orbit is a household name owing to its massive promotional campaigns over the years, and a niche that it has carved for itself as a sugar free gum. On the other hand, Doublemint as a brand has a relatively modest presence in India.

Wrigley India is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, that is popular for brands such as Orbit, Extra, 5, Skittles, Starburst, Freedent, Airwaves, Life Savers, Eclipse and Winterfresh, besides Doublemint.