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'You' can now earn more moolah

Kotak Life Insurance's new campaign talks about Kotak's Assured Income Plan

Have you ever desired a clone which can work as hard as you and help increase your income? Kotak Life Insurance's new campaign for Kotak Assured Income Plan (KAIP) does just that.

'You' can now earn more moolah
The current campaign on air draws its relevance from the fact that you can be assured of a second income, and seeks to effectively marry the product to a key consumer need. On the basis of this insight, the brand came up with the concept of 'another you', in which the viewer imagines a better life with the help of a clone.

Created by JWT, the concept, based on the Usage and Attitude research which the company undertakes on a regular basis, twice a year, revolves around a guaranteed second income from the Kotak Assured Income Plan. The findings of the research indicated that in the backdrop of weak economic sentiment, and concomitant concerns such as income which does not match with inflation, there is a strong affinity towards low-risk investments, which will over time, graduate into guaranteed and regular second income sources. It was found that consumers often look for a source of income other than their regular means of income.

KAIP claims to address this need, whereby on a payment term of 15 years, the policyholder earns a fixed amount every year, starting from the 11th year, for the next 20 years.

'You' can now earn more moolah
'You' can now earn more moolah
The campaign collates several everyday and easy-to-relate scenarios played to a catchy jingle inspired by the evergreen hit 'Aap jaisa koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye' from the movie Qurbani. The 'another you' here is a personification of the plan (KAIP), and the certainty of guaranteed additional income source it offers.

Speaking about the offering and the corresponding communication, Elizabeth Venkatraman, head, marketing, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance, tells afaqs!, "Our offering is almost like 'another you', who works to earn as much as you do, simultaneously, along with you."

She mentions how the research that the company undertook, communicated a strong need to flourish the income.

The creative team consisted of vice-president and senior creative director Priya Pardiwalla, assistant vice-president, and senior creative director Steve Mathias. Anshul Sharma worked on the copy while vice-president and executive business director Dipika Narayan managed the account. The television ads were directed by Rajesh Saathi of Keroscene. The music was taken care by Sanjiv Wadhwani.

Talking about the concept of creating a look-alike, Pardiwalla says, "In an Indian scenario, there is usually only one earning member in a family. That particular member always feels that it would be great, had there been someone else to support him within the family. This was really the first building block for this campaign."

Mathias adds, "We translated the insight into: wouldn't it be great if there was another one just like you. This helped us add greater visual drama!"

Talking about the music, Pardiwalla says, "It always helps when you find a track that perfectly matches the idea and video. Still, we just tweaked the first word of the song!"

Rajesh Saathi, director, Keroscene Films, says that it was a challenge to remix a cult song. "It was great fun converting 'Aap Jaisa Koi', into 'Mere Jaisa Koi', which was apt for the film. Music director Sanjeev Wadhwani did a fabulous job with the remix."

Along with DOP V Manikandan, the production house used motion-control techniques to create the double-role effects.

The campaign broke on January 9 and will run for a period of five weeks covering TV, radio, outdoor, and digital media. The TVC will run on 32 different channels spanning Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu for a period of five weeks. The outdoor campaign in Hinglish, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam will cover 66 cities over a three-week period. These will be augmented by radio and digital campaigns.

Apart from banner ads on high traffic sites such as Yahoo!, the company will leverage popular social media spaces such YouTube and Facebook. Kotak has created a CloneMe app on Facebook that lets one create a clone to take care of some important aspects of one's online life such as posting birthday wishes and updating content. Apart from that, Kotak has developed technology-specific content for Android, Windows, and Apple phones.

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