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'Show me the money' root of Hero rift, Euro RSCG clarifies

In a follow-up to the story on Euro RSCG losing the Hero Puch account, the agency clarifies that its demand for clearance of dues started the slide in the agency-client relationship

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Yesterday (February 04), agencyfaqs! had carried a story on Hero Motors having moved its estimated Rs 8-crore Hero Puch account out of Euro RSCG's Delhi office to Foresight Marketing and Communication (Hero Puch dumps Euro RSCG for Foresight). Among other things, the story had focused on how the account had moved from Euro to Foresight in a matter of just 11 months, and had attempted to find a reason for this shift.

Attributing reasons for taking the account out of Euro, Pankaj Dubey, general manger - marketing and sales, Hero Motors, had told agencyfaqs! that the company had increasingly begun to feel that the agency was not showing enough involvement in the business. "When we gave the business to Euro RSCG last year, they appeared quite excited," Dubey had said. "In fact, the agency gave up the Kinetic account because it was competing with our business. But, over a period of time, the Euro officials on the account started losing interest in the business. The relations soured to the extent that we felt we were being taken for granted. Therefore, we started looking for another agency."

Keen on getting the agency's perspective, agencyfaqs! had got in touch with Sanjeev Roy, director, Euro RSCG. Roy, however, had been quite circumspect. "All I have to say is that there are still a lot matters to be ironed out… issues on brands and business to be resolved, before I can speak to the media about what exactly has happened between Euro RSCG and Hero Motors," he had said.

However, yesterday, agencyfaqs! heard from Euro again. And this is what Roy had to say about Hero Motors' allegation. "It's a strange coincidence that from the day the we started pressuring Hero Motors to clear the outstanding, they started feeling that our interest in the business has started dipping," says Roy. "Which is very unfortunate."

Talking about the quality of work and Euro's commitment, Roy adds, "In fact, the campaign ‘Do pahiyon ki lorry', which we created for the launch of Power last year, was received very well by the trade. Dealers actually acknowledged that the campaign stirred the sales of the product. And, incidentally, this campaign is among the 11 campaigns shortlisted by Euro RSCG Worldwide for the Central Business Idea (CBI) award… which is Euro Worldwide's internal recognition of the best ideas that emanate from the network."© 2002 agencyfaqs!

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