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Cut The Crap launches Design Sell

The new design unit will be headed by Renuka Desilva, creative director (Art).

The Mumbai-based creative agency Cut The Crap has launched Design Sell, its design unit. Though the agency will work as a part of CTC, it will, however, function independently with its own separate team. The new entity will focus on areas such as brand identity, packaging, digital and 3D Designs, and BTL and will be headed by Renuka Desilva, creative director (Art).

Cut The Crap launches Design Sell
Cut The Crap launches Design Sell
Commenting on the launch of Design Sell, Jagdish Acharya, founder and creative head, Cut The Crap, says, "I am excited to announce the launch of Design Sell. CTC has made its mark as a creative boutique for brand building. Design Sell derives its DNA from CTC. Design is never without a marketing purpose -- the objective of design in the world of brands is to sell and is, therefore, imperative that design be strategic and a part of the brand-building ecosystem. Hence, the name Design Sell. The need was felt to launch the division on its own so it can be nurtured and grown to its true potential."

DeSilva is quite excited about the launch of the new design house. She says, "I look forward to build Design Sell on the terra firma of strategy and the creative foundations of design. It is the understanding of brand and marketing needs that will differentiate us from other design houses. Our aim over the next 2-3 years will be to build a strong portfolio that showcases our point of difference. Business will only follow."

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