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TNS and INTAGE launch Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report

The Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report is Asia’s first pan-region continuous consumer panel offering

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London-based Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Plc and Tokyo-based INTAGE Inc announced the launch of the Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report, Asia's first pan-region continuous consumer panel offering, recently. The report will enable companies for the first time, to benchmark household and grocery purchasing comprehensively across Asia's eight key economies - Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Talking about the idea behind the Asiapanel 2001 report, Helen Passingham-Hughes, managing director, Asiapanel, Taylor Nelson Sofres, says, "This Annual Report marks the first time that global corporations can accurately compare the major markets of Asia. This is a dynamic step forward in marketing intelligence."

The Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report provides a comparative annual report of eight key Asian markets across five sectors - beverages, packaged groceries, dairy products, household products and personal care. It covers 65 product categories and 11 measures (including value, penetration etc) in both an annual and a quarterly format, as well as key demographics and channel breakdowns.

It allows global retailers to gain a clearer picture of the key channel trends and overall FMCG market trends not just countrywise but across the region as a whole. The report will also give regional players fundamental insights when entering new markets or defending current local markets, while providing an added advantage to consultants, advertising agencies and financial experts as they seek to recommend services, products and solutions to their clients.

The Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report is a collaborative effort between TNS and INTAGE, both global leaders in syndicated consumer panels, which offer similar, yet geographically different, panels and markets. INTAGE and TNS have a long working relationship as members of Europanel, the worldwide professional association of established marketing information service providers of consumer panels.

Tsuneo Suzuki, chief division director, INTAGE marketing intelligence business division, is optimistic about the collaboration. "The Asiapanel 2001 Annual Report is a significant step forward in our mission to provide global integrated marketing solutions to our multi-country clients."

Beyond the Annual Report both companies are working closely to offer custom consumer panel data services that allow clients to drill down to manufacturer- and brand-level data and understand consumer habits through various special analyses. © 2002 agencyfaqs!