Sumita Vaid

Ozone Ayurvedics calls for a creative pitch

O&M, Grey, Mudra, Dhar & Hoon, TBWAAnthem, Enterprise Nexus, SSC&B and RKSwamy/BBDO are in the fray

It is obvious, Ozone Ayurvedics, owners of the NOMARK brand, is trying to get its media and creative strategies in place in double quick time. Just a month ago, the company moved its Rs 15-crore AOR account (the brands include NOMARK, Quick joint pain relief balm and herbal eye drop ITIS) to Madison Media after a month's stopover at Total Media. Now Ozone Ayurvedics has put its eye care brand ITIS under review. The size of the business could not be ascertained because, in the words of Rajinder Kumar, general manager, Ozone Ayurvedics, "…it depends on the brand vision the agency suggests."

Last week, Ozone Ayurvedics sent out letters to eight Delhi-based agencies, inviting them to make a credential and creative presentation for ITIS. These include O&M, Grey, Mudra, Dhar & Hoon, TBWAAnthem, Enterprise Nexus, SSC&B and RKSwamy/BBDO. To start off the process, Ozone met up with all the agencies and gave an exhaustive presentation on ITIS, for the agencies to get a good understanding of the brand as well as the market. "On our part we are conducting a very fair pitch. All the agencies have been given the same brief. Now it is up to the agencies how they utilise the inputs creatively," states Kumar. The agencies are probably brainstorming about the presentation due next week.

So what sort of an agency is the company looking for? "An agency whose vision is in sync with ours," says Kumar. Ozone sees great potential in the eye care solution market. Till now the only way eye drops have found acceptance in the market is through doctors' prescriptions. "We want to pitch ITIS has a daily eye care solution. People from all walks of life experience some or the other type of eyestrain. For students and office executives, staring at the computer screen continuously causes a lot of strain in the eye. Similarly too much TV, harmful gases emitted by vehicles etc end up straining the eye. We hope to provide a solution to all the regular problems of the eye."

Ozone currently has two agencies on board. Rediffusion DY&R, which services the flagship brand NOMARK (body cream and face wash), and FCB-Ulka which handles Quick. The fourth brand in the Ozone stable is Gard herbal anti-dandruff shampoo. A host of brands are lined up for launch in September. These include NOMARK face lotion, Gulneer rose water, a herbal shampoo whose name is yet to be finalised, and pure herbal ‘singles' (products with a single herb like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Neem, Karela and Tulsi) capsules. © 2002 agencyfaqs!

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