Alokananda Chakraborty

Hakuhodo Percept to handle Ajinomoto account

The Chennai office of Hakuhodo Percept has won the advertising business of Ajinomoto (a flavouring agent) from Japan’s Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC

The Chennai office of Hakuhodo Percept has been awarded the advertising business of Ajinomoto (a flavouring agent) by Japan's Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC. While the size of the business could not be ascertained, informed sources describe the account as "a modest win". For the record, the Ajinomoto account is internationally aligned with Hakuhodo.

agencyfaqs! has also learnt that Hakuhodo is currently involved in the spadework for the launch of Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC in India. The company is expected to be operational by 2004. To begin with, the company will have a regional presence. Over a period of time, the products will be rolled out nationally. While it is not certain which are products the company plans to launch in India, its global portfolio is impressive, to say the least.

Internationally, Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC, which was founded in 1917, has an array of products - including Activa, Ajinomoto Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), San-J Soy Sauces and Customised Sauces, Tencho (Savory Seasonings), Ajitide, Monoammonium Glutamate (MAG), Monopotassium Glutamate (MPG), Savor-Rich Dried Chicken Seasoning and Toasted Sesame Oil.

Currently, the MSG market is growing by about 6 per cent a year on a global basis, and Ajinomoto has the largest share of this market. Products enjoying particularly impressive growth overseas include flavorings and mixes such as Ros Dee in Thailand, Masako in Indonesia, Ginisa in the Philippines, and Sazon in Brazil. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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