Alokananda Chakraborty

AdAsia 2003: "Fresh registrations from India are subject to cancellation"

The Planning Committee for AdAsia 2003 has announced that it has stopped accepting all fresh registrations from India as Indian registrations are full

Following what it terms "an overwhelming response" from the local advertising, media and marketing communities, the Planning Committee for AdAsia 2003 has announced that it has stopped accepting registrations from India for the prestigious Asian advertising congress, being held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, from November 10-14. "Our early-bird scheme ended on October 10, a clear 30 days before the event," Ramesh Narayan, managing director, Canco Advertising, and chairman, Planning Committee, AdAsia 2003, told agencyfaqs!. "We have almost a full month to go before the congress flags off, but the response has been so hearty that we have had to put the ‘House full' board up. We have stopped accepting Indian registrations, and are only taking registrations from overseas."

This does not, however, mean that hopefuls from India now don't stand a chance of attending the congress. "It's not as if we are turning people away," Narayan clarifies. "We are putting all fresh applications from India on a waiting list, and subject to cancellations, those on the waiting list will get to attend AdAsia on a first-come-first-served basis. So, the possibility of attending the event still exists and it is important that those who wish to attend send in their applications without delay."

Narayan informs that as of today, roughly 700-odd Indian delegates have registered for the event. He adds that the Planning Committee expects some 350 foreign delegates to attend the congress. "We are, in fact, conducting our last road show in Karachi, Pakistan, on October 21," he says. "We are anticipating a sizeable contingent from Pakistan as well." Interestingly, the 700-odd registrations from India constitute advertising, media and marketing professionals in almost equal measure. "It's a third from each discipline, which is very encouraging. And I am happiest about the fact that there is a lot of interest in the congress among advertisers, and most advertisers have sent delegations consisting of the senior management."

Naturally, Narayan is thrilled with the manner in which the respective communities have been responded to the congress. "The fact that we're full 30 days before the event and have put fresh registrations on hold is quite an achievement considering the price of the registration, the entailed cost of traveling to and from Jaipur, and the duration and timing (four working days) of the event," he says. Narayan attributes the response to three factors. "The lineup of speakers is most impressive and their quality is proof enough for anyone that AdAsia 2003 will be a great learning experience. Also, India is a hot destination today, and foreigners who would be attending the congress would be using the opportunity to take stock of this place. India itself is an attractive proposition. Lastly, I think we've had some extraordinary support from the media, both in terms of advertising and editorial support. The media has helped generate and sustain a buzz around AdAsia." © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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