Sumita Vaid

Subrato Chakraborty leaves rmg david to launch Brand Curry

Funded by a venture capitalist, Subrato Chakraborty’s new agency, Brand Curry, is about the creative marketing of brands

There is a section of advertising professionals in this country that is clearly disillusioned with the way the advertising business is practiced nowadays. (In fact, every three to five years, a similar disenchantment bubbles up and finds voice, invariably paving the way for a fresh crop of young agencies looking to rediscover the joy in the business.) And Delhi, in particular, appears to be in a greater state of ferment, going by the whole host of advertising start-ups that have mushroomed in the city over the past year or so. Adding to that growing list is Brand Curry, the newly launched outfit of Subrato Chakraborty, who was till recently heading the Delhi branch of WPP Group-agency, rmg david.

Funded by a venture capitalist, Brand Curry is an outfit that, according to Chakraborty, "aspires to be positioned away from stereotypes". Thrilled with his new venture, Chakraborty explains that Brand Curry is about the creative marketing of brands. "A little more than PowerPoint presentations and three-campaign glory," he says pointedly. "The advertising business is a passion game. Ironically, in most agencies, people are frustrated with the job they do for clients."

Chakraborty is of the opinion that the system of institutionalising tools and doing "patli-gali" creative encourages mediocrity, which ultimately leads to frustration. He adds that one of the dire consequences of this system is the acute shortage of talent. "The role definition of account management in many agencies separates the function from the core creative development process, encouraging it to be mediocre, and yet it is expected to grow into the so-called ‘top management'. My point is, a successful creative person is the most logical account planner, and a respected account management person brings breakthrough creative perspective to the business strategy. Creative is a mindset and not a department. Yet, we do hours and hours of brainstorming to come out with a mediocre solution."

It goes without saying that Brand Curry aspires to put in place a different system of creating advertising - a non-stereotypical system that will drive industry growth. And for that Chakraborty needs "mad kids who will make history". He'll also need clients who'll agree with his thinking. Incidentally, he refuses to talk about whether or not his outfit has signed on any clients, although he indicates that Brand Curry is in talks with a start-up media company for a prospective tie up.

For Chakraborty (who's also been with Saatchi India, Grey Worldwide and Leo Burnett India), Brand Curry will present the kind of challenges that rmg david presented three years ago, when he moved from Burnett to head rmg's Delhi operations. Under his supervision, rmg Delhi grew from a one-table-one-chair set-up into a profitable business centre with clients such as LG (GSM mobile phones), Asahi Glass, Daawat Basmati Rice, Metro Continental and Hero Mindmine. © 2004 agencyfaqs!