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Delhi-based Noshe Oceanic takes Rs 12-crore No Marks account

Noshe Oceanic has picked up the creative and media duties of Ozone Ayurvedics’ flagship brand, No Marks. The creative account moves from Rediffusion | DYR

Fifteen-year-old Delhi-based agency Noshe Oceanic has picked up the creative and media duties of Ozone Ayurvedics' flagship brand, No Marks. The business - which constitutes the entire No Marks portfolio comprising creams, soaps and face wash - is pegged at Rs 12 crore. The creative account moves from Rediffusion | DYR, while the media planning and buying for the brand was previously being handled in-house by Ozone Ayurvedics. For the record, before Ozone took direct charge of the media duties, that part of the business was with Total Media, the media arm of Everest Integrated Communications.

While any new business acquisition is good news for an agency, what makes this win especially significant for Noshe Oceanic is the fact that the small agency had apparently registered a turnover of Rs 12 crore in the last financial year. The No Marks win, by itself, has given Noshe Oceanic a piece of business that matches the agency's 2003-04 turnover.

Speaking about the win, Asheesh Sethi, president, Noshe Oceanic Pvt Ltd, says, "Despite stiff competition from other leading agencies, Noshe won in a photo-finish. The shift happened because Ozone wanted to give a fresh makeover to the brand. Innovative creative ideas, accompanied by a win-win strategy tilted the scales in favour of Noshe." He adds, "We understood the brief, studied the product and the marketplace, and came up with strategic and creative solutions to make No Marks really stand out. We feel happy that the client has understood our genuineness and dedication to the brand, and given us full marks in all departments. The account is expected to raise the billing of the agency by over Rs 12 crore."

Given the aggressive nature of the players in the creams category, Anupma Mehrotra, associate vice-president, Noshe Oceanic Pvt Ltd., reveals that while television would be an important component of the media plan, greater emphasis would be laid on print and promotional activities.

Noshe account portfolio includes such big-ticket brands as Bharat Petroleum, McDowell's, The Times of India, Hero Honda, Bharti Group, Walter Heindl, Sinar Mass, Givo and Crompton Greaves. © 2004 agencyfaqs!

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