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IPAN's Gagan Chhabra wins Atticus Certificate of Merit

Gagan Chhabra, senior management associate, IPAN, Bangalore, has been awarded a Certificate of Merit at this year’s Annual Atticus Awards

Gagan Chhabra, senior management associate with the Bangalore branch of IPAN, has been awarded a Certificate of Merit at this year's Annual Atticus Awards, handed out by the WPP Group plc. The Certificate won by Chhabra is the third Atticus honour to be bestowed on an Indian communications professional this year, following the Highly Commended Certificate won by Kunal Sinha of Discovery, O&M India, and the Certificate of Merit awarded to K Subramanian of Rediffusion | DYR.

Chhabra has won his Certificate in the Under-30 Essay Prize category, where an original essay is open to all WPP company employees under 30 years of age, states an IPAN press release. The press note further adds that the given subject for 2003 was ‘The Global Brand: A Contradiction in Terms?', and Chhabra's paper on the subject ‘agreed with the title and mentioned how it is extremely challenging for a brand to go truly global, primarily because replicating emotional appeal is a gargantuan task'.

Expanding on the thesis of Chhabra's paper, the press note says, ‘The paper contends that while a product can go global with ease, a brand going global is another, very challenging ballgame. Creation of the global brand calls for a global perspective from multiple stakeholders, which may be a magnetic drawing-board concept but a horrible logistical nightmare. For a brand to go truly global, it should mould itself in entirety to a culture rather than hope for the vice-versa. It further contends that with a ‘brand', the consumer is looking for emotional connect and it is imperative that the corporation provides this connect to ensure acceptability and loyalty. Brands have to take the initiative of understanding the dynamics of multiple markets and creating a culture-specific brand strategy.'

Chhabra's paper dwells on the way forward and on ‘escape mechanisms that would help brands avoid culture-driven failures, stating that it is only when all brand stakeholders turn environment scanners more than strategists that the global brand would be a truly profitable reality'. The Atticus Awards, for record, are given for original published thinking on subjects of relevance to communications services companies and their clients, and are open to all WPP employees worldwide. © 2004 agencyfaqs!

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