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Aisle urges people to get to know someone before a relationship in its latest campaign "Careful Before Committing"

The campaign is anchored around a short film highlighting the importance of slow dating.

Aisle, the premium dating app, recently launched its latest campaign - "Careful Before Committing". The campaign is anchored around a short film highlighting the importance of slow dating, a global phenomenon taking shape as single men and women choose to form a connection before deciding to get into a relationship.

The film follows a seemingly innocent meeting between a man and a woman at a café. As the conversation moves forward, it becomes clear that the man has controlling tendencies and is attempting to manipulate the woman's behaviour to fit his standards. He disapproves of her weekend plans and asks her to delete some pictures from her phone - all under the guise of wanting their relationship to be a certain way.

The message of the campaign is clear - relationships take time, and it's important to get to know someone before committing to a long-term relationship. It highlights the dangers of unnoticed behaviours and encourages viewers to focus first on building a strong emotional connection with a potential partner before considering a relationship with them. The film, brought to life by 21 Grams Collective, serves as a warning to anyone who may be tempted to compromise on their values or personality to please someone else.

Speaking about the campaign, Aisle's CEO said, "We believe that relationships are built over time on trust, honesty and mutual respect. It's important for anyone choosing a long-term relationship to take their time and get to know their potential partners before jumping into the possibilities of a future together. The 'Careful Before Committing' campaign is our way of encouraging our members to do just that."

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