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Amidst Valentine’s Day mushiness, Wakefit's new spot narrates the plight of a single guy

Piya Milan Band's 'The Single Song' navigates through the social life of a single man, who's all the while looking to find his one true love.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and social media is abuzz with campaigns, hacks and to-do lists on how people can make their loved ones feel special. But spare a thought for all the single people out there, tired of all the mushiness they see around them, and waiting for their love-sick friends and acquaintances to act like normal human beings again.’s Home Time channel has released a new video for singles. Piya Milan Band’s ‘The Single Song’ is dedicated to all the singles on Valentine's Day, to make their day exciting and joyful. It narrates the plight of a single guy, as he navigates his social life, all the while looking to find his one true love. While every single person may have different priorities and life choices, ‘The Single Song’ is a small attempt by to create content that is relatable to some of the singles out there.

Home Time channel is also the home of the viral #BhaadMeinJaa2020 song by the now famous Shabba Khair Qawwali Group.