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Apollo Tyres grafts calling-bell etiquette on to honking

The brand’s ad film raises a question as to why drivers do not maintain the same decency using the calling bell.

Apollo Tyres’ latest ad campaign ‘Wheels Of Change’ takes on honkers in traffic. The ad film equates the incessant honking on the roads with ceaselessly pressing the calling bell at someone’s home. Both the calling bell and the car horn play the role of alerting a person.

But in case of the bell, visitors usually maintain the etiquette of not pressing it too many times lest it would irritate the person/people inside. The film raises a pertinent question as to why drivers do not maintain the same etiquette that they follow while using the calling bell.

It closes with the copy, “We don’t do this at home. Why do it on the road?”

The campaign has been launched keeping in mind the Government of India’s road safety campaign ‘the Road Safety Month’. The annual campaign usually runs for a week as the ‘Road Safety Week’ which is observed from January 11 till 17 every year.

This year, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRT&H) decided to extend the week-long campaign to a month-long ‘National Road Safety Month’, to be observed from January 18 till February 17.