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Apple takes the ‘needle in a haystack’ route in order to find a lost iPhone12

It promotes, and points to, the integration of the smartphone and the Apple Watch in this new spot.

“An iPhone that’s lost is easily found. Relax, it’s iPhone + Apple Watch,” says the new ad from Apple.

All it took was 68 seconds for Apple to illustrate just how simple it is for you to find your lost iPhone. And to do so, the trillion-dollar global technology giant literally used the ‘needle in a haystack’ example to drive its claim.

A farmer halts his station wagon in the middle of nowhere, gets down, and walks up to a haystack. A few swaps on his Apple Watch and his iPhone 12 starts beeping. He puts his hand inside the haystack and pulls out the lost iPhone. Neat and simple.

The interesting aspect of the spot is the integration of the Apple Watch, which acts as the sniffer dog, though a real dog also features in the ad.

Apple takes the ‘needle in a haystack’ route in order to find a lost iPhone12

A support document from the tech giant aptly explains how the Apple Watch plays a crucial role in helping you find your lost iPhone.

Once you’ve recovered your lost iPhone12, you can look up to another spot from Apple that details how you can take amazing selfies in the dark.

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