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Archies Limited launches a digital campaign around Valentine’s Day

The whole idea of the campaign is to gift a card to your loved ones.

Archies Limited, has launched a campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s 2023 with a message of sharing a gift of a card to your loved ones.

In a fast paced environment, everyone’s running against the race of time & technology. The world is witnessing a great deal of change in culture & lifestyles. This season of love, Archies Limited has come up with another Campaign Give a Gift of a Card. 

The beautiful 1:11 seconds video starts with an opening frame of different people busy on their phones. It seems like everyone’s so caught up & surrounded by technology. In this scenario, a unique way to say you care is by sharing a gift of a greeting card. The feeling of holding a card in your hand. The excitement to read the message that the card holds. It is not just a greeting card but a Symbol of love and a thoughtful effort to make someone feel special.  

The campaign conveys a heartwarming & introspective message of Giving a Gift of a Card to your loved ones. Be it the overall culture or trends, the pandemic had put restrictions on our traditional ways of communication. Archies Limited is making an effort to bring back the culture of exchanging greetings with your loved ones on the special occasion of Valentine’s.

“The season of love is here & we want people to be able to express their feelings in the best way possible. In an effort to accomplish that, we’ve come up with this campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s 2023. This will bring back the nostalgic memories of people associated with greeting cards. We tend to get lost in a modern way, this time let's step back & introspect our ways of sharing emotions” Varun Moolchandani, executive director, Archies Limited.

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