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Asian Paints diversifies once again, enters the stationery adhesive world with white craft glue TruGrip CR-8

It’s the fourth diversification this year from the leading Indian multinational paints company.

To craft something from scratch is one of life’s best pleasures. It’s no wonder then that many of us enjoyed the ‘art and craft’ lectures so much at school. We were allowed the freedom to create whatever we imagined – something everyone craves.

But to craft something, you need the best of tools, and the most important of them happens to be glue. Without it, the world of craft isn’t all that exciting. Remember how you used to peel that thin layer after glue stuck to your hands?

Enter TruGrip CR-8, a general-purpose glue from Asian Paints, the leading Indian multinational paints company. It has released two ads to promote its new offering as it enters the stationery adhesive world. The company's main rivals will be Fevicol, Fevikwik, Faber-Castell's Glue Stick, and Camlin adhesive paste.

We see a father and son build a space shuttle launch in the first ad, while the girl in the second one is seen making a ballerina… The premise of both ads is that one can create something out of nothing.

Asian Paints diversifies once again, enters the stationery adhesive world with white craft glue TruGrip CR-8

The YouTube description of both ads provides a link that takes us to the website of e-commerce giant Flipkart, where you can buy TruGrip CR-8 Craft Glue for Rs 99. O

Orb Pack
Orb Pack
Flow Pack
Flow Pack

We (afaqs!) visited the Asian Paints website and found that this white craft glue is available in two packs: Flow Pack and Orb Pack. Asian Paints has listed three benefits of this adhesive:

· Innovate with water soluble glue that works well on multiple substrates, like paper, cardboard, etc.

· The orbs of glue don't dry up. No matter when the creativity strikes, the glue is always ready to use.

· Apply with ease, without any preparations, on all craft materials and take your craft to the next level.

The website also listed four interesting aspects of TruGrip CR-8:

· Unique pack design is first of its kind in the stationery category.

· A supersaver pack of 10 colourful pieces for multiple projects.

· User-friendly design for a firm grip and easy dispensing of material.

· Available in five vibrant colours.

There’s also an unboxing video with Rob, the host and creative director of TV show M.A.D., which aired on Pogo.

It’s an interesting move from Asian Paints to enter the stationery adhesive world. Ever since the COVID-induced lockdown happened, there has been a sharp spike in arts and crafts, as adults and kids stayed at home.

While kids love to play with glue, etc., Sonali Shah, marketing director, Faber-Castell, had told us in an earlier interview that adults, who were always hobbyists, have more time now and, hence, are rediscovering their artistic side.

Turns out Asian Paints was already using the TruGrip name to market and sell masking tapes and adhesives. Above is an ad for TruGrip Ultra adhesive featuring actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Last month (September), the paints major diversified to offer interior design services. Called ‘Beautiful Homes’, the brand released three ads to illustrate this new offering and its three main features: personalised interior design, safe home designing and 3D design visualisation.

In August, Asian Paints appeared to advertise what seemed like a new range of DIY sprays in the home improvement space - products that help clean rust, waterproof parts of the house, seal tiles and, in general, beautify furniture/surfaces.

And, back in May, during the lockdown, Asian Paints made waves when it announced its foray into the hand and surface sanitiser category, with Viroprotek.

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