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“Baal Set, Toh Vibe Set” Zakir Khan shares his hair styling journey in Set Wet’s new campaign

The renowned comedian Zakir Khan brings nostalgia, humour, and style to Set Wet's #ApniHairStyleHiApniVibeHai campaign.

Set Wet, men’s hair styling brand from the house of Marico, has collaborated with renowned Indian Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan, for their #ApniHairStyleHiApniVibeHai campaign. In his unique comic style, Zakir took to Instagram highlighting the importance of hair styling in setting his vibe and urging his followers to treat it as an important part of their grooming regime.

In the video, Zakir Khan humorously shares anecdotes from his own grooming journey, delving into the concept of 'vibe,' a term popularized by the Gen Z. With his incredible wit and charm, Zakir builds on this idea, capturing the essence of #SetYourVibe through well-styled hair, which ties back to the brand campaign message of #ApniHairStyleHiApniVibeHai.

Excited about this collaboration Zakir Khan, says, "Looking at hairstyling as an important aspect of my grooming regime only came to me a few years ago, but the confidence it instilled in me has been game-changing, personally for me. Set Wet is synonymous with hair styling for the youth of India and from my personal experience I can tell, taking just a few extra minutes every day to #SetYourVibe can take you very far, give you a lot of confidence and help you leave a lasting impression.”

This exciting collaboration exemplifies Set Wet's unwavering commitment in driving conversations and narrative on hair styling with the youth in their language. Through his engaging storytelling, Zakir highlights how over the last 3 years he has seen the impact that focusing on hairstyling has had on his life and has thus become an integral part of his grooming routine.

The video featuring Zakir Khan is just one component of Set Wet's comprehensive 360-activation plan designed to inspire the youth to start styling their hair and set their vibe.

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