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Blissclub brings back Bitchclub campaign to extend its equality narrative

The campaign features an in-house produced film that mimics a dog training video.

Blissclub, a women’s apparel brand, has launched the second leg of its Bitchclub campaign. While the first leg focused on how women are labelled as bitches when they express their exhaustion from carrying an unequal burden of work, the current phase talks about all the restrictions that are designed to keep a woman on a leash.

The campaign features a film that was produced in-house and mimics a dog training video. Using commands like stay, shake hands, fetch, etc., the film draws parallels between how dogs and women are trained to be submissive.

The campaign also includes a series of Instagram posts to hammer on the concept of these societal leashes. On LinkedIn, the brand saw its female colleagues change their profile pictures and cover images to showcase which “breed of bitch they are”, while some also showcased their certification in bitch training.

Blissclub brings back Bitchclub campaign to extend its equality narrative

“Historically, society has always found ways to hold women back. Slut shaming, body shaming, making a woman feel guilty for having ambition, controlling her body via what she wears - these are all ways of keeping a woman from recognising her full potential. And even though a lot has been said, we believe a lot more needs to be said and done to make the playing field more equal for women,” says Minu Margeret, founder-CEO, Blissclub. “With this campaign, we want to underscore all the ways in which women are controlled, even if they don’t always seem obvious.”

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