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Blissclub's ‘Move Uninterrupted’ campaign urges women to prioritise self-care and fitness

The campaign encourages women to find uninterrupted time for focused workouts.

Blissclub, an activewear brand dedicated to reconnecting women to the joy of movement, has unveiled its latest campaign encouraging women to familiarise themselves with the liberating experience of undistracted workouts.

The campaign is a sequel to Bitch Club campaign, advocating for a cultural shift by encouraging women to reclaim their time and dedicate it to their well-being, promoting the idea that just as men have the freedom to focus on their interests, women should have the same liberty to prioritise self-care and fitness.

The pre-buzz of the campaign showcased a fun take on Star War on LinkedIn. The brand gave the movie a new name ‘Chore Wars’ and released a few pictures of men who were turned into aliens. Taking its previous campaign, Bitch Club, forward the brand used the hashtag #AliensVsBitches.

Blissclub's ‘Move Uninterrupted’ campaign urges women to prioritise self-care and fitness

Pointing out the absurdity of societal expectations, Blissclub flips the script in this campaign- If men can be extraterrestrial beings when it comes to chores, then why not women when it comes to uninterrupted workout time. Drawing parallels between the alien concept of men engaging in household chores and the overlooked notion of women prioritising their well-being through distraction-free workouts, Blissclub’s initiative spotlights the disparity between the two genders and how in turn partners should take up equal responsibilities in the household.

The lack of equality in taking charge of the house chores leaves women with very little uninterrupted time to move. The campaign sheds light on the equally baffling notion that women must navigate the cosmic mystery of finding uninterrupted time for self-care and focused workouts.

The Move Uninterrupted campaign is designed to encourage partners in shouldering their share of domestic responsibilities that have been an alien concept until now and  inspire women to break free from external distractions, encouraging a deeper connection with their bodies.

Minu Margeret, founder-CEO, Blissclub, said, “If men can believe household chores are alien, then ladies, prepare for lift-off because we're turning 'me-time' into a must have adventure. It's time for women to reclaim their workout space, and gentlemen, let's make 'shared chores' the new universal norm.''

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