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Brands that hit a sixer on JioCinema amidst IPL frenzy

Among the plethora of brands present this IPL season, Tata.ev, SBI Bank, CRED are among the few that found the right pitch.

Amidst all the clutter in celebrating a sport that’s no short of a religion in India, some brands managed to do more than just be present on JioCinema this IPL season. While some showcased their creativity through excellent film campaigns, others took creative execution to another level, ensuring definite visibility and brand recall.

Having a mix of path-breaking moment marketing, innovate engagement and creativity fused with media - here are five brands that stood out this IPL season on JioCinema. 

  1. Tata.ev  

In a thrilling twist beyond the IPL spotlight, a standout moment unfolded during the Women’s Premier League (WPL) when Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Ellyse Perry launched a powerful sixer that shattered the glass of a Tata.ev car. This unexpected turn of events transformed into a moment of triumph as Tata.ev ingeniously rewarded Perry with the #PerryPowerfulPunch award, crafted from the very pieces of glass she shattered. This innovative campaign, resonating with the spirit of moment marketing, is set to leave an indelible mark in the annals of sporting history.

While Tata holds the title sponsorship of the league, its concurrent TATA.ev campaigns have also been earning adoration. Notably, spectators have been observed in the crowd brandishing placards, urging Virat Kohli to emulate Perry’s feat and break the supposed curse of RCB's elusive IPL victory, further amplifying the intrigue surrounding Tata's brand narrative.

  1. State Bank of India

SBI, the country’s largest public sector bank, has made a significant impact during this IPL season with its smart ad placements featuring brand ambassador M.S Dhoni. Taking over the 'scorecard partnership,' SBI ensured prominent visibility just below the live scorecard feed, while also securing non-live inventory with brand trays on the Jio app. This strategic approach not only enhances brand exposure, but also underscores SBI's commitment to leveraging high-profile events to connect with consumers effectively.

SBI's ad on JioCinema
SBI's ad on JioCinema
  1. CRED 

Cred has consistently demonstrated a knack for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, making their campaigns a highlight of every IPL season. Viewers eagerly anticipate their next move, knowing they'll deliver something memorable. This year's campaign features three creative assets, including appearances by David Warner, SS Rajamouli, Ila Arun and Leander Paes. Once again, Cred has broken through the clutter, solidifying their position as one of the most memorable and impactful advertisers of the tournament.

  1. My 11 Circle 

My11 Circle seamlessly integrated the 'Jeeto Dhan Dhana Dhan' contest alongside their video ads, solidifying its position as a leading gaming brand. This strategic move not only provided Jio with a monetization opportunity for their engaging contest, but also allowed My11 Circle to maximize its exposure. With the IPL being the epitome of cricketing excitement, hosting a contest during the tournament was a natural fit for a fantasy gaming brand like My11 Circle. Their initiative has rightfully earned them a prominent place in the spotlight, capturing the attention they rightly deserve.

My 11 Circle's ad on JioCinema
My 11 Circle's ad on JioCinema
  1. Dream 11

Dream11 has masterfully utilized prime properties on JioCinema to establish strong spontaneity and top-of-mind recall among its target audience. Their latest ad campaign cleverly showcases a playful banter among a diverse lineup of celebrities, ranging from cricketers and team owners to fans and Bollywood stars.

This depiction of real fan behaviour during matches between their favourite teams resonates deeply with viewers. Going beyond JioCinema, Dream11 extended the banter by collaborating with influencers, ensuring that the conversation sparked by their ads continues to captivate audiences across various platforms.

Dream 11's ad on JioCinema
Dream 11's ad on JioCinema

6. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter cleverly spinned a Wide Ball shot into a celebratory moment with its #SpotZyadaWinZyada campaign. The brand has promised that if users captured the umpires giving the Wide Sign on their cameras, they could win weekly, monthly, and other grand prizes. Using Dhoni as the protagonist, the campaign is a sweet example of a simple idea that got people to have fun, while interacting with the brand. And who doesn't love prizes?

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