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Bright Brain bags Ruby’s Organics Digital Marketing Mandate

Under this partnership, Bright Brain will offer its services with an aim to increase revenue & visibility for the brand.

Bright Brain Marketing Technologies has bagged the digital performance marketing mandate for Ruby Organics. Under this partnership, Bright Brain will offer its services with an aim to increase revenue & visibility for the brand.

Known for being one of the first Organic Makeup brands in India, Ruby’s Organics’ products are loved all across the country. They make all their products from organically sourced materials & ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in their manufacturing. Furthermore, all their products are designed to be worn by Indian women & complement the Indian skin texture very well. Hailing self expression, Ruby’s Organics is a classic favorite for many that has awarded Bright Brain the privilege to handle their digital marketing mandate.

As per the mandate, Bright Brain will help them build a solid performance marketing base, deliver data driven strategy & execute campaigns. Furthermore, the agency will also handle the Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, E-commerce Advertising and Search Engine Optimization for Ruby’s Organics

Rubeina K, founder Ruby’s Organics lauded - ‘The team at Bright Brain is a meticulous one. Very hard working and very passionate. Respectful of their client's brand values and become completely in sync with them. Looking forward to many more successful months ahead.’

‘From the start of the project, our team was very excited to work with Ruby’s Organics because of their brand vision. Not many makeup companies around the world really look into organically sourcing their materials and often take the easy way out. Everyone here at Bright Brain loves that the brand is led by women, does no animal testing & is made in India. We wanted a larger population to understand the many wonderful qualities of the brand and embrace it as we have. Our team, in collaboration with the amazing people over at Ruby’s Organics, put together brand strategies to serve some very specific requirements, and helped create a strong brand presence that resulted in 30% growth in monthly revenue in 6 months plus double the growth of ROAS, among many other positive outcomes. We hope to continue this wonderful journey for the years to come!’ commented Suhail Bajaj, CEO, Bright Brain.

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