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Bumble’s new spot focuses on the unnoticed first moves women make…

… Instead of the big ones that make the papers, for its Women’s Day spot.

“Those changing their world one step at a time,” says the voiceover in Bumble’s new spot for Women’s Day.

It’s a striking thing to say; the women-first social networking app decided not to go all out celebrating the ones who made it the papers (not that they are not deserving) but to talk about the rest of the women and their moves…

… “Their seemingly unnoticed, imperfect, vulnerable and yet audacious, sometimes outrageous, but ultimately courageous first moves. The moves that women themselves will always keep a count of. These everyday first moves may not always go down in history but they take us a step forward in building an inclusive, equal society.”

Through the video, you can see what these moves are – sending the first text to someone special, receiving your first cheque… painting your home, leaving home; moves which may not be earth-shattering but they matter to the women who perform them.

Priti Joshi, VP of Strategy, Bumble said, “Along with the greatness of the exceptional women who paved the way for us with their big moves, it is also important to celebrate the many first moves women make every day in our daily lives. All the moves we make, make all of us–we are the sum of our moves. This International Women’s Day, Bumble celebrates the many first moves women make every day, every small act of courage matters.”

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