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Burger King replaces Bloody Mary with “Cancelled Clown”, takes a dig at rival McDonald’s

A creepy clown is haunting the mirrors of Burger King toilets.

Bloody Mary is up against a serious competition this Halloween.

As part of this campaign for the spooky holiday, Burger King (BK) in Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark) decide to play on the legendary folk horror story of Bloody Mary, only this time, you will see a creepy clown appear in the mirror. Yes, it’s Ronald McDonald

BK Sweden’s Instagram post read: It is said that a certain, now fired clown shows up if you say "Cancelled Clown" three times in front of a mirror in our toilets. Do you dare to see if he shows up at your nearest Burger King?

The 45-second is from the eyes of a security camera at a BK restaurant. We see customers walk into the bathroom and record themselves in front of the mirror while they chant “cancelled clown” thrice. On the third count, the lights go off and a message appears, “Do you dare to make him appear?”

We then see footage of customers with surprised expressions before one rushes out of the restroom terrified. A last-second shot of the mirror shows two bright eyes of what appears to be a creepy clown.

As per The Drum, Swedish agency Ingo Stockholm installed new voice-recognition software in Burger King toilets, which is trained to listen out for the phrase 'cancelled clown.' If uttered three times, the lights of the toilet dim down hauntingly, and an eerie Ronald McDonald appears in the mirror via special visual effects applied to a two-way 'smart mirror.

This isn’t the first time BK has gone after McDonald’s for Halloween. In 2017, it offered free Whoppers to anyone who dressed up as a clown for its “Scary Clown Night.” LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid was the creative agency behind this campaign.