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Byju’s new spot points to the sacrifices parents make for their kids

The ad comes at a time when its acquisitions of Great Learning and Aakash Tutorials is making headlines.

Byju’s is trying to pull our heartstrings in its latest ad. It shows the extent of sacrifices parents make to make sure that their kids don’t fall short of the resources they need to succeed in their lives.

It features a father giving up on his dream of owning a sports car for the sake of his daughter’s education. Then, a mother is seen making work call compromises so that her son can attend his online classes. And, another father is using a rickety scooter, looking to fund his son’s cricket aspirations.

The ad’s description says, “This National Parents Day, we have something special in store for the ultimate heroes in our lives! #Honourtheirsacrifice is our tribute to parents everywhere, who always support their child’s dreams.”

Since the COVID-induced national lockdowns imposed in March 2020, the subscription rates of edtech brands have shot up like a space shuttle on Red Bull.

In April 2021, transaction advisory firm RBSA Advisors said that it expects India’s edtech industry to be worth $30 billion in the next 10 years. Its present market size is $700-800 million.

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Byju’s has been in the news lately for acquiring fellow edtech platform Great Learning and decades-old test preparation coaching brand Aakash Tutorials.