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Cadbury Dairy Milk releases three new ads; stakes claim in 'thanking' space

The ads feature the product being gifted as a way of saying 'Thank You' for your help and work.

Cadbury Dairy Milk India has uploaded a series of brief 15 second ads on their YouTube channel. The ads are based on the theme of saying ‘Thank You’ and portray a nurse, a playground watchman and a school caretaker being thanked for doing their job.

In all the situations, the person finds the chocolate bar while they are doing their jobs. In 2020, Cadbury Dairy Milk had also released ads in the 'Thanking' space. One ad features a driver thanks his employer for allowing him time to visit his son’s school and pay attention to his education too. Another ad features a young man thanking his household help for her work.

In July 2020, Cadbury Dairy Milk has released a full-page print advertisement called 'Fill in the Thanks' (We spotted in The Times of India). It is the brand's way to remind us of the important role these daily wagers played in our lives and we must be thankful for them. As you read through the copy and fill in the blanks, you realise it talks about those whom you interact with every day albeit for a very short period.

Cadbury Dairy Milk releases three new ads; stakes claim in 'thanking' space

When the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, Dairy Milk brought back its iconic ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ theme song to thank frontline and essential workers for their tireless service.

Cadbury Dairy Milk salutes these unsung heroes. #SayThankYou Cadbury Dairy Milk · Follow More videos on Facebook Watch 0:21 Cadbury Dairy Milk | International Day Of The Family Cadbury Dairy Milk 0:15 Cadbury Dairy Milk | Nurse | #SayThankYou Cadbury Dairy Milk 0:18 Cadbury Dairy Milk | Eid Mubarak Cadbury Dairy Milk Play -0:19 Mute Additional visual settingsHD Enter fullscreenClick to watch on Facebook Start at Start at : Copy video link Open Embed Menu Facebook Facebook இல் பகிர் Messenger மெசேஜாக அனுப்பு WhatsApp WhatsApp இல் அனுப்பு Twitter Twitter இல் பகிர் Copy Learn more about embedding Facebook videos on our developer site. Embed code Back Share

Doctors, nurses, physicians… These are some of the frontline workers who are helping the human race battle the Coronavirus pandemic. But these frontline workers are also dependent on others to keep operations running smoothly.

This includes the staff who help run the hospital such as the canteen cooks, the waiters, the electrician on call, the ambulance driver and his helper, the janitor, the receptionist, the IT guys, the errand boys, even the gardener. So, Cadbury decided to thank them for supporting the frontline workers. The company released a video of its employees distributing the newly released 'Thank You' bars amongst the staff of some key hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

This is the second time, since April, that Mondelez has brought back the tune of a classic Dairy Milk ad – ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’. The first time the tune was brought back was in the context of an ad that reminded people to stay strong, despite lockdown. At a time when milestone birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated alone, graduation certificates are being handed out virtually, the ad reminds people to look for the ‘khaas’ and celebrate sweet moments virtually.

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