Benita Chacko

Catchy chants to inspiring anthems, the best IPL theme songs of all time

Brand anthems from KKR, CSK, MI and IPL promotional campaigns are unforgettable.

Nothing announces the onset of summer like the sound of the IPL bugle. Its distinct sound has been a constant feature since the first season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008. Along with it, are the tournament’s and the playing team’s theme songs. Serving as the ultimate heralds of cricketing excitement, these melodies have remained a steadfast feature since the tournament's inception in 2008. 

As the temperature soars and the days become longer, one is sure to catch these promotional songs on a television or digital screen. These have been the most iconic features of the cricket tournament right from its inception. 

Over the years, the creation of such iconic numbers has declined. However, many teams have attempted to recreate their earlier popular tracks. Here are some of the most unforgettable anthems from the past 16 years. 

Kolkata Knight Rider’s Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

Shah Rukh Khan-owned Kolkata Knight Riders promoted the team with this fun anthem. Khan himself features in the anthem, making it a favourite among his fans.

Chennai Super Kings’ Whistle Podu

Shot in everyday locales of Chennai, the anthem was an instant hit. It features its captain Dhoni speaking in Tamil.

Mumbai Indians’ Duniya Hila Denge Hum

Featuring Hrithik Roshan, the song captured everything Mumbai- Dabbawallahs, kaali peelis, hawaldars and even Sachin Tendulkar. The song was later recreated for Mumbai Indians’ women’s team as Aali Re. 

Rajasthan Royals’ Halla Bol

Shot in the backdrop of royal Rajasthan palaces, the song featured Shilpa Shetty dancing on the team’s war cry ‘Halla Bol’.

IPL 2008’s Cricket Ka Karmayudh

In the promo for the first season, the best players of the time are featured in the ad battling it out for the coveted prize.

IPL 2013’s 'Jumping Japang

Created by JWT, it features Farah Khan urging people to not just watch the match but celebrate with it.

IPL 2014’s Come on Bulava Aaya Hai

Created by Havas Worldwide, the campaign comprised four films highlighting an interesting insight about the importance of the tournament in people's life and how they can drop everything they are doing instantly, to go and watch the match.

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