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Celebrating moms: how brands across India embraced the Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day saw brands from across the categories show gratitude towards mothers of the world.

Mother’s Day has its way of making every one of us feel a tad bit more affectionate and appreciative of mothers. It is a day when all corners of the world come together for a collective celebration of motherliness, and brands aren’t holding back.

In the ad world, Mother's Day is a prime canvas for brands to craft narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering emotional connections and weaving tales of maternal love. From touching tributes to heartfelt anecdotes, each campaign serves as a representation of the enduring bond between mothers and their children.

Here is how the brands in India embraced the day.

McDonald's India

McDonald's India - North and East celebrates Mother's Day with a heartwarming story of Ashu, an 8-year-old boy determined to make his mom feel special. Despite his handmade greeting card falling short of perfection, Ashu plans a special treat with his elder brother, epitomising childhood innocence and gratitude.

Kotak Life

Kotak Life's digital film acknowledges the unparalleled essence of a mother's love, her support, and motivation in life. Gratefully recognising that there's no perfect way to appreciate everything mothers do, the film tenderly expresses gratitude to all mothers for their selfless devotion.

MG Motor India

MG Motor India's campaign, It's a Motherly Thing, celebrates mothers' unmatched love and wisdom. Drawing parallels between a mother's instinctive care and the modern-day AI assistant in the MG Astor, the film portrays mothers as the original guides in life, emphasising their essential role in guiding and protecting us.

SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance's digital film, Mummy Ki Apni Pehchaan, pays tribute to the remarkable spirit of motherhood intertwined with professional ambition. Highlighting the invaluable contributions made by mothers as Life Mitras (SBI Life’s insurance agents), the film showcases how they inspire their daughters to embrace their identity and continue their legacy.

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop's #TakeABreakMom campaign celebrates the amazing women in our lives by acknowledging motherhood as a full-time profession deserving of appreciation. Encouraging a shift in perspective, the campaign focuses on the resume mothers never made, highlighting their multitasking abilities and unconditional love.

Bandhan Life

Bandhan Life's poignant digital film celebrates the profound bond between mothers and children, portraying mothers as the first "life insurance" with protection and nurturing instincts. The narrative unfolds a heartwarming moment between a mother and her son, illustrating the unique connection between them.

Himalaya BabyCare

Titled #StrengthOfLove, this film is a heartfelt tribute to the incredible resilience of moms and intends to celebrate the natural strength and love that mothers embody. The film challenges various people from all walks of life by asking them to practice their hobbies while holding 5-7 kgs of weight in one hand. Nearly everyone gives up except one woman. It is later revealed that she is a mother to a toddler and carries out her daily tasks while holding the baby in one hand. The film highlights the strength it takes that mothers hold and recognises their efforts.


The brand launched a heartfelt campaign for Mother's Day aimed at addressing the issues that the late-night work culture imposes on their mothers. Most mothers find themselves working beyond official work hours, which gets in the way of their time to unwind and relax after a long, tiring day. The #9KeBaadNo campaign seeks to creatively advocate uninterrupted sleep for hard-working mothers.

Johnson's Baby

Johnson’s Baby’s latest film conceptualised by DDB Mudra celebrates the different journeys of mothers, including adoption, in vitro fertilization (IVF), or preterm and reinforces the brand’s commitment to supporting motherhood in all its forms. The film follows the poignant stories of Neha, Maya, and Geet, each embarking on their unique paths to motherhood. The campaign highlights that every mother has a different journey to their 'Day 1', however their promise remains the same; to protect their baby.

Safed Detergent

Safed Detergent's campaign beautifully captures the essence of motherhood, showcasing the unwavering purity of a mother's love. The ad portrays the selfless nature of a mother's love, emphasising that her heart remains pristine and untainted, regardless of the circumstances. It follows the story of a mother who has just learnt that her son has met with a road accident and reaches the hospital in a panicked state. However, is equally concerned about the young boy who was supposedly responsible for the accident and is also hurt.

Asian Paints

The campaign #JustLikeMoms highlights the sweet realisation of how children are slowly but surely turning into their mothers in terms of taking care of their every need. The ad shows how children look for their mother when in need of anything, from first aid and project needs to even asking for a towel.


Livspace has released a heartwarming campaign this Mother's day that beautifully captures the essence of our first home - our mother's womb.

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