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Center Fresh’s new ad smells of cheesy college romance and a new tagline

Made by Ogilvy, 'Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe' takes over from 'Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam'.

A guy will easily break into fisticuffs with a gang of hooligans but get him to ask a girl out, he will sweat more than your average marathoner; all that confidence goes dry.

That’s the time when a packet of mints become the saviour. Take this average Joe in this ad for Center Fresh. His heart beats for Sonali Waghmere and he’s desperate for her to hear it.

She has lost her keys in class and he has spotted them. Does he point her towards them or pop in a Center Fresh and use the key as a faux-engagement ring to ask her out?

Light, breezy, and ends before you can say “What?”. Center Fresh’s ads have always banked on these ingredients to conjure up such commercials.

A noteworthy aspect of the ad is the use of 'Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe' tagline that replaces 'Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam' which made its debut all the way back in 2007.

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The brand’s previous ad took another route: Lengthier, a bit more drama than usual, and evidence of Dharma Productions’ handiwork. It, like this new ad, had the mint play cupid.

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