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Cleartrip's TBBD campaign brings back 'Kidults' for impulsive travel adventures

The new festive campaign was conceptualised by Cleartrip's internal creative team.

Cleartrip, a Flipkart company, is launching an exciting festive proposition that aims to change the way Indians approach travel. They are reintroducing Flipkart's iconic 'kidults' concept for their TBBD (The Big Billion Days) campaign to offer unbeatable travel deals and flexibility, making travel an impulse adventure for travelers. The TBBD sale on Cleartrip will run from October 7, 2023, to October 15, 2023, while the sale on Flipkart will take place between October 8, 2023, and October 15, 2023.

The 'kidults' concept was originally introduced by Flipkart to illustrate that e-commerce is as simple as child's play. Cleartrip believes that the travel industry is now at a similar turning point where customers expect the same ease and convenience in making travel bookings. Reintroducing "kidults" reflects Cleartrip's commitment to transforming the online travel booking experience for the better. Their campaign slogan, 'Ab desh sochega nahi, seedha book karega!' encapsulates the idea of making travel bookings as easy and impulsive as grabbing a last-minute deal at a favorite store. The new festive campaign was conceptualised by Cleartrip's internal creative team.

Kunal Dubey, CMO of Cleartrip, stated that their mission is to turn travel into an exhilarating adventure, something you can decide on a whim without months of stressful planning. They aim to offer flexibility and affordability to travelers, with features like CT FlexMax, which allows travelers to cancel their flights up to 24 hours before departure and even switch airlines for a complete refund. They also offer features like 'Cancel for No Reason' on every hotel booking, where travelers can cancel their hotel bookings up to check-in time for a full refund. Cleartrip also provides affordability options like No-Cost EMI, Pay Later, and Cardless EMI to make travel more accessible to all.

Cleartrip has a history of creating innovative campaigns that establish an emotional connection with users and portray travel decisions as a source of excitement. The company is committed to enhancing the travel experience further by introducing more customer-centric products and giving users greater control over their bookings.

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