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Coca-Cola’s polar bear and McDonald’s Hamburglar face off in this new spot

The 54-second ad sees McDonald’s mascot attempt to steal Coca-Cola’s formula, only to be stopped in his tracks.

McDonald's and Coca-Cola have brought their iconic mascots together in a storyline that showcases the enduring partnership between the two global brands. The Hamburglar, a beloved character from McDonaldland, is depicted attempting to steal Coca-Cola's secret formula, only to be thwarted by the vigilant Coca-Cola Polar Bear. The two mascots then come together, settling their differences over a meal featuring McDonald's burgers and Coca-Cola beverages.

The advert begins with the Hamburglar sneaking into what appears to be the headquarters of Coca-Cola. He is on a mission to steal the secret formula for the world's favourite soft drink. The scene is playfully tense, capturing the Hamburglar’s notorious, yet endearing, penchant for mischief.

However, the Polar Bear, adorned with a Coca-Cola muffler, is already on guard, ready to protect the prized formula. As the Hamburglar inches closer, the Polar Bear intercepts him, resulting in a moment of confrontation. But rather than escalating, the scenario takes a heartwarming turn. The Hamburglar and the Polar Bear decide to share a meal, with the former providing McDonald's burgers and the latter offering Coca-Cola beverages, symbolising the perfect pairing of these two iconic brands.

The Hamburglar, a character well-known for his burger-stealing antics, is a close associate of Ronald McDonald and other McDonaldland characters such as Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, the Fry Kids, the McNugget Buddies, and the Happy Meal Gang. These characters have been a staple of McDonald's advertising, contributing to the brand's playful and family-friendly image.

Similarly, the Coca-Cola Polar Bears have been central to Coca-Cola's marketing since their debut in 1993. These animated characters, often depicted in wintery landscapes enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola, have become synonymous with the brand's festive and wholesome appeal. The polar bears are featured in various merchandise, from tumblers to plush toys.

Coca-Cola's special edition festive cans from 2016
Coca-Cola's special edition festive cans from 2016

This advert not only marks a new chapter in the collaboration between McDonald's and Coca-Cola but also highlights their longstanding partnership. The dynamic between these two brands dates back to 1955 when Ray Kroc, an ambitious milkshake equipment salesman who had acquired the rights to expand McDonald's across the United States, opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. In his quest for a beverage supplier, Kroc reached out to Coca-Cola and connected with Waddy Pratt, the executive overseeing Coca-Cola's fountain division. This initial collaboration laid the foundation for a relationship that has flourished for decades.

The collaborative spirit between McDonald's and Coca-Cola extends beyond the United States. In July of the previous year, McDonald’s India (West and South) announced a collaboration with Coca-Cola India to introduce the global ‘Mixology’ platform to the Indian market. This initiative launched new beverages like ‘Masala Pop X Coke’ and ‘Chilli Guava X Sprite’, blending traditional Indian flavours with the classic essence of Coke and Sprite.

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