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Coca-Cola's search for purpose amid turbulent times

Featuring spoken word artist 'George The Poet', it's a take on how we can start over by paying attention to things that matter.

Coca-Cola like everyone else isn't having a great year. As per a report on CNBC, Coca-Cola "... reported its largest decline in quarterly revenue in at least 30 years, but the company sees demand improving as global lockdowns ease."

Despite the grim result, it's keeping its head high. In an ad called 'Open Like Never Before' for the EMEA market, the beverage giant searches for purpose amid the pandemic with a poetic bent. Starring spoken word artist 'George The Poet', it takes us on a light ride on paying attention to the things that matter and how they can define and make us better going forward.

The YouTube video description for the ad said, "Wait stop, who says we have to back to normal? This is our opportunity to start over - more humble, mindful, braver and better than we've ever been. The glass isn't half-empty, it's half full and we all can make a difference when we are #OpenLikeNeverBefore."

Walter Susini, svp marketing, EMEA, The Coca-Cola Company said in a LinkedIn post, "When we all went into lockdown, it was clear at least to us that we needed to respond, and empathy was the lighthouse that guided our actions. We decided that as a company it was important for us to come off air and redirect our resources instead to our most critical priorities: doing everything possible to ensure our employees’ safety and well-being, as well as focus our efforts on how we could make tangible difference for our partners, for the people and for the communities out there.Time to go back, open like never before."

72andSunny Amsterdam, the advertising company is behind this ad.

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This is the second ad we've seen from Coca-Cola after the pandemic struck us. Earlier, it released an ad called 'The Great Meal' that was shot remotely and featured 13 families, couples, housemates in households from eight different cities around the world, including Orlando, Shanghai, Lisbon, Kiev, London, Mumbai, and Mexico City. The ad spoke about making the most of the moments that were already there.

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