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Cream Centre appoints Yellow as its Creative Agency

The agency will be responsible for revamping the brand's creative outlook and communication strategy.

Cream Centre, a restaurant known for its comfort food and family-friendly atmosphere, is partnering with Yellow, a leading creative agency, to update its image. This will include a new logo, updated packaging, and a refreshed online presence.

For over six decades, Cream Centre has been a leading chain of vegetarian restaurants known for their heartwarming dining experiences and delicious cuisine. Rishi Chona, the third generation in the business, is now spearheading the brand and is committed to staying relevant and appealing to a wider audience. To do this, Cream Centre has chosen to collaborate with Yellow, a creative agency known for its innovative and contemporary approach to brand communication.

Shrey Doshi, the founder of Yellow, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Our primary goal is to infuse Cream Centre's brand with a rejuvenated and contemporary spirit. We recognise the importance of honouring the restaurant's existing loyal customers while also connecting with a younger demographic. Our strategy revolves around striking a balance between retaining the brand's core values and giving it a fresh twist that resonates with the evolving preferences of today's generation."

Sanjiv Chona, Cream Centre's founder also shared his perspective on the partnership, saying, "Having been an integral part of the lives of countless patrons, Cream Centre holds a special place in their hearts. We believe that Yellow's creative prowess and strategic insights align perfectly with our vision for the future of the brand. This collaboration is built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding, and we are excited to see how this partnership will unfold."

Yellow will be in charge of the rebranding, coming up with a new look and feel, and figuring out how best to communicate the brand to its various audiences.

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