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Disney’s Christmas advert is nothing but heartwarming

It shows how familial bonds are the most potent ones in true Disney style.

Trust Disney to make you tear up within a few minutes; only this time, it’s the happy tears. On November 9, Disney UK released its 2020 Christmas advert called “From our family to yours”.

180-seconds long, we’re in the 1940s and little Lola’s father gifts here a miniature Mickey Mouse toy; the moment Lola holds it, she falls in love with it…. We’re in 2005 and we see Lola’s a grandmother now and decides to gift her beloved Mickey to little granddaughter who loves it. Both of them share one common passion – making star lanterns.

But as time passes, Lola’s granddaughter grows older and doesn’t seem to be too interested in making star lanterns – the one common passion grandmother and granddaughter shared… But, her granddaughter does realise how it’s affected Lola and we’re in a terrific surprise that’s a tear-jerker.

Angela Affinita, brand and creative marketing director at Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing in EMEA told The Drum, "We knew having a story that placed tradition and togetherness at its heart would make it feel relevant and relatable to people all over the world,” she says, pointing to the fact that amid the pandemic a focus on these was “more crucial than ever. We approached this in a similar way we would a Disney short. We only had three minutes to tell the story and we had to place the characters at its core.”

Disney, for Christmas ads, joins the ranks of Amazon which released a provoking ad about how, despite the hard times we live in, the show must go on. While Coca-Cola showed us the power of a father’s love for her daughter and the magic of Christmas.