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Domino’s UK has mates yodelling to order their pizzas

It’s a campaign to promote the brand’s group order app feature, and comes at a time when the UK reopens from COVID-induced lockdown.

Domino’s UK’s latest spot is just what the doctor, no, the vocal coach ordered.

Released on June 7, the spot announces the launch of a new group order app feature by having friends yodel the pizzas they want from across the city.

The spot comes at a time when the UK is emerging from its COVID-induced lockdown, and the pizza QSR is taking steps to encourage people to reconnect with each other.

The ad is the third one from Domino’s ‘We Got This’ campaign, which is the brainchild of VCCP, a communication agency. It will run across several mediums, such as TV, digital video, social, out-of-home, radio.

Adweek quoted Domino’s UK’s chief marketing officer Sarah Barron as saying, “We really do try and make sure that the whole experience is right to the consumer, and that’s why for me, ‘We Got This’ encapsulates that sentiment of this brand."

The previous ad from the campaign that was released in November last year showed us how Domino’s is the right choice when it comes to ordering food. Why? Because everyone agrees with it and there’s no bickering of the kind we see for other cuisines.

There’s a similar one for takeaways too.