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Enter 'Biggest Boss', Netflix’s 'Bigg Boss' parody

One of Netflix's latest promotional videos is a parody version of popular Indian reality TV show and Viacom18's marquee property 'Bigg Boss'.

Make a TV show so popular that even the top OTT platforms decide to ride its popularity. Netflix has been known for its quirky ways of marketing its shows and movies. The leading OTT platform is often seen riding the buzz around popular characters in its shows, in the form of memes, moment marketing, brand integrations, or straight up ads.

In one of its latest promotional videos, Netflix decided to roll out a parody of popular Indian reality TV show and Viacom18's marquee property 'Bigg Boss'. The parody version has been named 'Biggest Boss' and it carries the unique style of narration and third-person voice-overs of 'Bigg Boss'.

'Bigg Boss' is actually a contest. The contestants are called ‘housemates’, who live in a special ‘house’. As the show proceeds, in-house conflicts, alliances and drama unfold. Housemates are voted out until only one remains, who wins a cash prize.

The Netflix film isn’t just another video. Instead, the film published on the platform’s YouTube channel is a complete 19-minute-long episode. It has the ‘house’ like in 'Bigg Boss', and the dwellers here too behave like the ‘housemates’. Only that they resemble popular characters from the shows available on Netflix.

Like Bunty and Gaitonde from 'Sacred Games', Nairobi from 'Money Heist', Aalu from 'Ludo', among many others. The best part is the ‘first copy’ version of Bollywood star and 'Bigg Boss' host Salman Khan.

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