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Fintech brands are striving for attention, consumer-centric brands soar high in the league: e-DART IPL' 24 report

Consumer brands like Dream11, Tata Group, Jio, My11 Circle, Pepsi and CEAT are most noticed during IPL’24 by different audiences.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) continues to be a powerhouse platform for brands to engage with cricket enthusiasts across the nation. However, the latest e-DART IPL’24 report, a collaboration between Crisp Insights and Kadence International, unveils a narrative of brand engagement and recall during the tournament. Amidst the IPL fervor, Fintech brands are striving for attention, while consumer-centric giants like Dream11, Tata Group, Jio, My11 Circle, Pepsi, and CEAT soar high in the league of brand recall.

The findings underscore the dominance of consumer brands in capturing IPL audiences' attention, with Dream11 leading at 38% recall, followed closely by Tata at 32% and Jio at 27%. This trend highlights the resonance and impact these brands have on IPL viewers, solidifying their position as frontrunners in brand visibility and engagement.

The report also reveals the profound impact of IPL-associated brands on teenage audiences, with 70% of teens reporting positive outcomes or perceptions resulting from their interaction with these brands. From enhanced brand perception to increased product consideration, IPL viewership has proven to be a catalyst for favorable consumer experiences among teenagers nationwide.

Furthermore, the study highlights a positive correlation between viewer engagement and brand recall, with more engaged viewers demonstrating higher levels of brand recognition. Notably, mobile screen viewers exhibit superior brand recall compared to those watching on larger screens, indicating a shift in media consumption habits among IPL audiences.

Amid IPL fervor, Superfans emerge as the unsung heroes of brand recall, comprising 16% of the IPL audience. These dedicated enthusiasts not only notice more brands but also actively engage in brand conversations, amplifying brand visibility and fostering enduring consumer loyalty.

With sponsorship playing a pivotal role in elevating brand visibility and fostering consumer engagement, brands aligning themselves with IPL teams or securing sponsorship deals stand to benefit from increased exposure and resonance among viewers nationwide.

For brands aiming to maximise their impact and engagement during the IPL, these insights serve as guidance in crafting tailored marketing campaigns that resonate authentically with cricket enthusiasts across India.

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