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Google says 'Be Kind To Your Mind', addresses mental stress caused by Coronavirus and lockdown

The global tech giant addresses the mental stress we're all feeling while we do our best to look after others.

"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners."

This is a quote from Othello written by William Shakespeare. When you read it, you will stop for a second to think about it. Not because the Bard wrote it, but for the analogies - bodies and gardens, wills and gardeners.

Unfortunately, our gardening skills aren't the best right now. The anxiety related to the Coronavirus, the pressures of the lockdown, the fear of unavailability of essential goods in the market, and the worry over the economy and our future have come together to create a mental roadblock and pain of epic proportions.

Thus, it's natural for us to come out in support of our friends and loved ones. We are a social species, after all. It's also what Google is trying to convey in its new digital ad film called #BeKindToYourMind.

It shows how during lockdown, we have gone out of our way to keep kids engaged at home, help elders stay healthy indoors, and surprise friends with goodies, but over a video call.

Google India makes a good point when it says that you have to help yourself. It then talks about search questions which are relevant to our mental health, such as 'How to cope with stress', and 'How to stay positive'. These are relevant questions for our times.

The film also talks about a few good options, such as art therapy techniques and yoga poses. It is simple and comes at the right time, a time when people's mental state is wavering because of all the negativity and anxiety. So, we need to look after ourselves first before looking after others.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also released a document that details how one can battle stress during the COVID outbreak; it's quite helpful.