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Hala Mobility celebrates friendships day with launch of #UnitedByHala campaign

On the joyous occasion of Friendships Day, Hala Mobility, India's pioneering multi-modal EV platform, is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking ad campaign: #UnitedByHala.

This heartwarming campaign epitomizes the spirit of friendship that transcends rivalries and brings people together, even in the most unexpected circumstances. Through a quirky and humorous short ad film, Hala showcases the power of unity and camaraderie. The core theme of the ad campaign is brought to life by two delivery partners from rival food delivery giants who find themselves unexpectedly united while utilizing Hala's EVs and services. 

As the plot unfolds, the tension between the two partners rises, and a lighthearted competition ensues as they attempt to outdo each other. Their interactions in the elevator are particularly humorous, filled with quirky one-upmanship. 

Speaking about the campaign, Srikanth Reddy, founder and CEO of Hala Mobility, shared his excitement, saying, "Friendship has the unique ability to bridge gaps and unite people from all walks of life. With the #UnitedByHala campaign, we aim to celebrate the true essence of friendship, and showcase how Hala's EVs and services act as catalysts in fostering meaningful connections among people, even in the most unexpected circumstances. Our EV’s not only benefit the environment but also create opportunities for friendships to flourish, as exemplified in the heartwarming ad film." 

However, a pivotal turning point emerges when the delivery partners discover a shared connection: both are using Hala's advanced EVs and services. In this moment of realization, the barriers of rivalry dissolve, and a genuine friendship blossoms. As they bid each other farewell, they exchange a heartfelt glance, signifying the newfound camaraderie between the once-competitive delivery partners. The ad culminates with a poignant tagline: "Divided by Apps, United by Hala," encapsulating the spirit of the campaign. 

Apoorv Chaudhary, founder and director of a-tom content studio, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "It was a delightful experience directing this ad film for Hala Mobility. The narrative beautifully but dramatically captures the essence of friendship and resonates deeply with Hala's values of community and inclusivity. We hope that this ad campaign manages to put a smile on your face." 

The #UnitedByHala campaign will be showcased across various digital platforms. This initiative not only reinforces Hala's commitment to sustainable mobility but also highlights its dedication to building a vibrant community that celebrates friendship, unity, and positivity. 

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