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In a new spot for Edgefix, Pidilite targets carpenters

In a two and a half minute spot, Pidilite educates carpenters about the features of its recently launched glue - Edgefix.

India-based adhesives manufacturing company Pidilite has launched its first communication for Fevicol Probond Edgefix - specially made for PVC edge banding tape. Released earlier last week, the two-minute-30-second film that essentially targets carpenters is a 'brochure', as defined by a brand spokesperson. As uninteresting as an 'educational brochure film' may sound, it caught our attention mainly because of its dramatic and poetic copy.

The film's protagonist (a contractor) is worrying about delivering the finished goods within the fast approaching deadline. The carpenters doubt the glue will dry in time, when 'contractor sahab' is reminded of his friend 'Rohan', a Fevicol executive. Rohan introduces the new glue by Fevicol, Edgefix. He goes on to narrate the product's features – easy to apply, stain free, no spillage and dries within 30-45 minutes.

Edgefix tube.
Edgefix tube.

The 60 year old brand is known for its quirky ads, mostly conceptualised by the brand's creative agency - Ogilvy. However, team Ogilvy confirmed that the film in question hasn't been worked upon by them.

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Industry speaks.

Mukund Raina, branch head, Enormous Brands, Delhi, finds the demo interesting and believes that the fact that this is a communication by Fevicol will make people watch it till the end, because we've got used to seeing some brilliant films by the brand. “It retains the quirk that's associated with the brand.”

Mukund Raina
Mukund Raina

He feels the brand seems to be addressing some real issues when it comes to carpentry and that there will be enough takers for this because messy edges are an eyesore. From an execution point of view, he says, “I would have preferred the trademark Fevicol-ness in this ad as well, but I understand that it is important to show the specific problem this product addresses and create a shift in terms of adhesives used for edges.”

About the mediums to reach the desired TG, he believes television and digital still remain the key mediums - since the brand needs to get the homeowner to check with the carpenter about the adhesive he uses.

To Prakhar Deogirikar, creative director, WYP Brand Solutions, the film felt like a throwback to the iconic Fevicol ads of yesteryear at the outset, but it quickly turned out to be a very different genre. “To me, it seems like an attempt at new age marketing by the brand. One where the ad has been created for a specific medium and audience rather than to appeal to everyone,” he says.

Prakhar Deogirikar
Prakhar Deogirikar

He thinks the execution is good. “Some of the lines seem ready-made for the audiences to use amongst themselves. It may not be sticky, but I guess it will do its job.”

Although as an advertiser he understands the attempt, he finds it a let-down for someone who has grown up watching typical Fevicol ads.

We asked him what the brand can do better to reach out to its expected TG. “Long, functional videos don't work over social media. The drop rates are too high. The brand has clearly identified a direct medium like Whatsapp to share this video. And in that regard, it is on point. The brand's approach seems right, and sharing smaller pieces from the same family, over the same medium, could be a good way forward,” he answers.