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Indeed’s Pride ad talks about the power of empathy at work 

Follow Taylor’s journey on how they prepare for an interview.

Indeed’s new ad for pride month doesn’t just pull the heart stings but goes on to show the immense benefits empathy has to offer.

Taylor is an LGBTQIA+ job seeker and is feeling the jitters before their job interview. From reading Indeed’s interview tips for trans and binary people to picking the right out, we’re able to see every ounce of preparation and anticipation… Even the last-minute checking of nails before facing the interviewer.

As Taylor takes a seat inside the room, the interviewer introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Dorian and I use the pronouns he/him,” he says. “Are you comfortable sharing how you’d like to be addressed?” Taylor’s tension visibly disappears.

“We can’t show what we can do until we can show up as who we are,” says Indeed and asks us to that contains a litany of resources for the LGBTQIA+ community as well as for employers.