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Instagram highlights the power of self-discovery in new global campaign

The ad film has been created by Johannes Leonardo, along with Facebook’s Creative X.

A new global ad film by leading social media platform Instagram tells its users to stop being afraid of other’s opinions and making mistakes. Titled ‘Yours to Make’, it is an attempt by Instagram to show how young people can do away with their inhibitions and explore themselves by trying new things on social media.

The ad film has been created by independent creative agency Johannes Leonardo, along with Facebook’s in-house shop Creative X. The campaign speaks on behalf of young people struggling to find themselves in the world. It talks about listening to them (youngsters), their interests and what matters to them, rather than analysing and criticising their move.

According to the agency, ‘Yours to Make’ features real Instagram users. It asks them to light themselves and their inspirations, using the one tool they already have at their disposal: their smart phones. It also wants them to show the world what moves them, and shine the way for what’s next.

“The resulting work is a celebration of youth and the power they wield. A call-to-action that’s as easy to participate in as any: explore who you can be on Instagram, and show us what we can be in the process. Because who you are and who we’ll be, is yours to make,” the agency said in a blog post.